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Prepare for Shipping

•    There must be no obvious fluid leaks.
•    Your battery must be secure in the mounting bracket.
•    The car should be clean so the driver can do a good condition report. He will note all dings, scratches, nicks, dents, etc. on the
      condition report which you will sign and receive a copy.
•    The gas tank must be at 1/4 tank of fuel.
•    Radios, cassette decks or CD players not built in, car phones; garage door openers should be removed from your vehicle.
•    Please leave registration in your vehicle.
•    Do not leave any other important documents in vehicle.
•    All antennas must be fully retracted or removed. Improperly functioning antennas are not covered by the transporter.
•    All personal belongings must be removed. (Except standard vehicle items such as the jack, spare tire, emergency kits) Personal items,
       household goods, firearms, plants and hazardous materials are forbidden by law to be transported (You may leave child car seats
       in the vehicle).
•    All exterior spare tire covers, grill covers, car covers must be removed.
•    Non-permanent luggage racks, bike racks, bed covers, or ski racks must be removed.
•    Your vehicle must be prepared for the new climate. This may include engine coolant, transmission oil, and other fluids.
•    Your primary insurance should stay active during transport to cover road hazards, acts of God, and anything out of the
      control of the driver.
•    One set of ALL keys for the vehicle must be provided.
•    You must advise us of any modifications made to your vehicle such as 4x4 lift kit, camper shell, vehicle lowered, etc.
•    Modifications of this sort could add to the cost of transportation of your vehicle.
•    Your vehicle may not exceed 7' in height.