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Differences between a Carrier and a Broker

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When you need to ship an automobile, you have two different options: a broker or a carrier. Many other auto shipping companies will shout about the benefits of being one or the other, but the main difference is that a broker arranges shipping with trucks owned by another company. The broker finds trucking companies, based on your area and where you are shipping, that can provide the best rates. A carrier actually owns the trucks that pick up and ship your vehicle.

Lone Star Car Transportation is both a carrier and a broker

Being a broker and owning our own trucks give us the ability to provide unmatched service at unparalleled rates. We can arrange auto shipping based on what is best for the customer’s particular needs. Of course we’d love to put everything on our own trucks, but in some cases, that’s not always the best option for our customers. If we can broker the vehicle and get it delivered sooner, then that is what we'll do. Either way, the price is always the best.

We also carry two separate insurance policies to cover both types of shipment. So, if we broker your vehicle, you’ll have additional coverage over and above the brokered carrier’s insurance. The most important reason that being a broker and a carrier benefits our customers is they only have to make one phone call to have any request handled with zero hassle.

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of working with our auto transport company that is a broker and a carrier.